World Of Rubber

1972 012LP 1972 012LP

"Adrian Borland and Graham Bailey might be better known as members of legendary post-punk group The Sound, but the two were childhood friends and had been playing together even earlier in The Outsiders, and continued their deep musical rapport as a duo, creating these intense and engaging songs as Second Layer at the same time as their higher profile band output. Following the release of Courts Or Wars, combining their early material, 1972 is proud to reissue their only full length album, World Of Rubber. Fueled by experimentation in both song construction and recording techniques, the duo leave you enveloped in what The Quietus described as 'a monochrome worldview morbidly obsessed with the dehumanizing effect of war, nuclear weapon annihilation, and the fracturing and negation of the self within an increasingly distorted and technologically mediated society.' Indeed, the goal had been to make each album a concept album, with this to be titled: Second Layer's World Of Rubber. Alas, this was to be the first and last of those efforts. New detailed liner notes from Graham Bailey shed considerable light on the creation of this cold classic and its immediate aftermath. Bailey's inventive construction and deconstruction of various electronics, effects boxes and tape loops form the propulsive base for these songs. Borland's guitar playing is jagged and unleashed. Above it all is an undeniable sense of melody and Borland's distinctive vocals. Soon, they would wonder where Second Layer ended and The Sound began, but World Of Rubber would stand as a document of this fertile period. It would also be a lasting testament to their desire to push the boundaries of their creativity. Dark and brooding the result is what Bandcamp described as 'brutally bleak, blank-eyed post-punk that remains chillingly compelling.'"