Bucovina Vol. 2 EP

AY 005EP AY 005EP

We've cut the waiting time for the next Bucovina Club anthology. The Bucovina Vol. 2 EP opens a window on the work of Shantel, the mastermind behind the Bucovina Club. Track 1: Shantel Feat. Mahala Rai Banda: 'Bucogeasca Dub' - The Kings of Mahala (Mahala = Gypsy district) got together with Shantel to produce their first CD (currently at number 3 in the world music charts). In the summer of 2004 Shantel and the Mahala Rai Banda wowed critics and audiences all over Europe with the Electric Gypsyland Tour. Here's a taste of Bucogeasca Dub that heats up the dancefloor to fever pitch. Track 2: Jewish Monkey's Feat. Boom Pam: Koshernostra Mix. This is a new version of the legendary dancefloor burner Bucovina by the Tel Aviv Jewish Monkeys and Boom Pam, remixed by Shantel. All we re going to say about the Jewish Monkeys right now is: watch this space. You'll be hearing a lot more from them soon, as well as from Boom Pam, who have just cut their first CD in the studio with Shantel and whose gigs have already taken Berlin, Frankfurt and Cologne by storm. Track 3: Balkan Beat Box: Bulgarian Chicks. So who wouldn't want to get to know these Chicks and the white-hot Balkan Beat Box? The New York project by Ori Kaplan and Tamir Muskat combines the organic with the electronic, and couples sexy vocals with a beat that has set dancefloors vibrating from Jerusalem to every Bucovina Club in Europe. At the Transmusicales Festival in Rennes this number was on constant play from six in the morning, to the roar of an ecstatic crowd."