Dose A Nova


Two decades since they formed in New York City and over ten years since their last album, Tel Aviv based quartet Shotnez are back with Dose A Nova, an album of ten exhilarating jazz filtered jams, with vibrations indebted to Tuareg desert blues, Ethiopian-jazz, 1950s Afro Cuban recordings, surf rock and folk from across the East Mediterranean basin. Featuring the original Balkan Beat Box, producers Ori Kaplan and Tamir Muskat alongside Uri Kinrot from Boom Pam and Itamar Ziegler from The Backyard, four musicians who are all producers and share love and deep connection to hip hop and jazz, Shotnez reunited in 2020 meeting up for improvised sessions and jams, once a week over a period of about four months at a carpentry turned music studio in suburban Tel Aviv. Downing MIDI cards, triggers and synths, the day-to-day tools for these four producers and picking up and playing their respective traditional instruments -- saxophone, clarinet, guitar, bass, percussion and drums -- the group was immediately liberated by the moment. In the middle of a strict lockdown, they had no preconceptions, no deadlines, no labels or managers knocking on the door. This was an opportunity to rebuild the camaraderie that developed on the other side of the world two decades back, to reconnect as brothers and seek a higher spiritual plane, all the whilst fully encouraging each other to express their diverse musical backgrounds channeled within, during their time apart. Dose A Nova is a smoky affair with jazz the common denominator through its ebb-and-flow. Oozing in globally recognizable grooves from Afrobeat ("Contagious") to Afro Cuban ("Shemesh"), its chord structures and scales from east and west insistently interweave rewarding the record with dynamic mood swings. There is a punked out, baritone sax inspired workout in "Gina", Middle Eastern traditions, claps and vocals combine on "Marhaba" and guitar and a heavy sax lick drives the surf sound of "Last Straw". Tamir and Ori, the drummer and saxophone/clarinet players have shared a massive part of their musical careers together. They have both been members of Gogol Bordello, lived in New York together for many years and in recent times have become, slightly unexpectedly, uber-hot property as their Middle Eastern bass heavy beats and saxophone riffs have been sampled for hugely popular songs such as Fifth Harmony's "Worth It". But with feet on the ground, back to the humble and cozy carpentry studio and creative nest of Shotnez, it's Kendrick Lamar they collectively turn to for inspiration, specifically to To Pimp a Butterfly. For fans of: Altin Gün, Satellites, Sababa 5, Balkan Beat Box, Gogol Bordello.