The Curse The Life The Blood

8MM 002CD 8MM 002CD

Singapore Sling is a darkly psychedelic band from Reykjavík, Iceland. They are inexplicable and elusive but remind one of drugged-out soul power bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine. Their debut album, The Curse of Singapore Sling, came out in 2002. Their leader is singer-songwriter and guitarist Henrik Björnsson, who is also known from the band Dead Skeletons. The Curse The Life The Blood contains a selection of tracks from their first three albums, The Curse of Singapore Sling, Life Is Killing My Rock 'n' Roll (2004), and Taste the Blood of Singapore Sling (2005). "When nobody was making the music I wanted to hear, I decided to make it myself, instead of complaining and doing nothing. It was born out of love and hate. Love of various music from the past, mainly rock'n'roll, and hatred of the majority of the music around me. I had been making music for some years when I decided to form a band to play it live. That was for similar reasons. I named the band Singapore Sling (after the film by Nikolai Nikolaidis) shortly before our first show in the fall of 2000, which is officially when the band started. The first proper record, The Curse of Singapore Sling, we released in 2002. We named it 'The Curse of' because of bad luck and freaky incidents that surrounded the recording of the record. The curse went on and so did we. We've played all over the place and released a bunch of records with a bunch of different labels. . . . The love and the hatred goes on, so we go on. And on and on." --Björnsson