Terror/Prey - The Original Unreleased Soundtrack Recording

MVM 002%2F3CD MVM 002/3CD

Moscovitch Music is the new label from record archaeologist and one-half of cult exotica group Quiet Village, Joel Martin, and is devoted to releasing all the weird and wonderful music you've never heard before from obscure film scores to ecological jazz. The label's first release compiles the unissued film soundtracks to legendary UK horror director Norman J. Warren's Terror (1979) and Prey (1978), both composed by one of TV and radio's most prolific arrangers, Ivor Slaney (The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, The Double Deckers, Ren & Stimpy, De Wolfe Music Library) and features dark proto-synth wave, electronic hip-hop, folk/soul and dirty cabaret rock. Joel was one of the first record collectors to compile original soundtrack/library music back in 1997 for the legendary Bite Hard LP (BBE), a retrospective of the famous UK-based De Wolfe label, which has since been sampled by the likes of Jay Z and Kool G Rap. Joel works for De Wolfe as head of their reissue department, who have released the album Kung Fu Super Sounds, a retrospective of the Shaw Brothers' cult martial arts films of 1975-1984. Joel also conceived and compiled the unreleased score to George A. Romero's classic zombie film Dawn Of The Dead (1978) which was issued on Trunk Records in 2004, to critical acclaim. Terror/Prey includes 35 unheard tracks -- full of shrill, nauseating swarms of minor-key, flanging synths, wonky guitar stomp, cloying, murky piano and clarinet ballads, an acoustic jazz number with vocals by Val McKenna, and some breakbeat-infused percussion-led groovers. Just as sinister and terrifying as the Dario Argento/Ennio Morricone soundtracks, but slightly more leering and cheeky. Includes a beautiful full-color 12-page booklet complete with rare stills and sleevenotes from director Norman J. Warren and Cherrystones (Gareth Goddard). Vinyl edition limited to 1,000 copies only for the world.