Snuff Crew


This is the debut full-length release from mysterious German collective, Snuff Crew. For those familiar with their previous releases on labels such as Playhouse, Hour House Is Your Rush, and of course, Gigolo Records, you will be pleased to know it is business as usual on this album. According to Snuff Crew, if dance music was a building, then the 707 would be one of the principal foundations, having defined a generation of producers from Marshall Jefferson to Aphex Twin, Plastikman to Phil Collins, Daft Punk to Snuff Crew! Since dance music's inception, acid house, or the house of jack, has spawned a gospel spread by disciples that span generations. The Snuff Crew represent a new generation of "Jackers" that bring a new definition of Chicago house to dancefloors, and with this they join an illustrious list of artists that include Kikumoto Allstars, Andreas Gehm, KiNK and Neville Watson. Like these producers, their arsenal is part analog and part digital, using high-tech and up-to-date software to record timeless and irreplaceable hardware such as the 707. Their ideas for music often come from dancing in a club to listening to their favorite DJ sets or radio from Clone and early mixes from WBMX, collecting old Chicago and Italo-disco records, etc., etc. Jackin' trax sit between rougher cuts and even deeper moments, soundtracked by the oh-so-familiar beats of the 707 and the pitched-down vocals of the Snuff Crew. Snuff Crew's production coupled with old skool compression and mastering techniques give us a sonic modulation that makes this album unmistakable. The album opener is "Berghain," the title being a nod to the internationally-acclaimed club in Berlin, Snuff Crew's spiritual home. Other themes range from spreading the Gospel of Jack ("The Mission"), to sex, ("Desire"), freedom ("Free"), the eternal human battle to maintain some sort of say in your own destiny ("Control"), our deepest emotions ("Temple"), or simple excess ("Storm"). But when all this is said and done it is an album about jacking... weird, pure and simple. Featuring guest artist Rebecca Mellone.