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Can't Stop

RB 129EP RB 129EP

Can't Stop. There seems no better way to describe the work, party and music ethic of Solomun. Carrying the mirror ball on his shoulders like Atlas, it is impossible to imagine the modern disco world without his dynamics. While his countless DJ sets give fresh impetus to the many shades of house, techno and their siblings, conversely they are a driving force behind his studio and remix excursions. Can't Stop provides an impressive insight into his musical universe. Resulting from a rather casual after-dinner-listening-session during a car ride on Ibiza with a zesty Gerd Janson, who coaxed the title track out of Solomun making use of their friendship to full capacity, it is a triptych of direct, functional and free-spirited dance floor approach. After some back and forth in the search of the missing pieces to make it so, Solomun managed to deliver the perfect Running Back peak time record. While Can't Stop channels UK dance music highs through German engineering values, which makes it perfect for dance hall and car rides (yes, indeed!) alike, its heavy dub is constructed with fearless techno DJs in mind who like new beat excerpts, rave stabs and a lot of bass in equal parts. "Follow The Disco Ball" leads listeners back to the aforementioned Greek titan and can be read as a love letter to the genre that can be found in its name. Catchy, compelling and cool, it is a masterclass in user-friendly, yet edgy arrangement and dancing shoe compatibility.