Balance 028


One of the esteemed second wave of Detroit techno artists that emerged in the early-to-mid-'90s, Stacey Pullen is a canonical figure in the history of electronic music. A skillful producer who values quality over quantity, he made his name via collaborations with Chez Damier and Kevin Saunderson, and as a DJ, he has played everywhere from intimate sweatboxes to the biggest festivals and was an early guest in the hallowed DJ-KiCKS, fabric (FABRIC 027CD, 2003), and Resident Advisor mix series. Pullen is an enduring artist who has never been subject to the fickle pitfalls of the hype spotlight; he continues to be highly sought-after, and Balance now snaps him up for his first official compilation since 2009, continuing the Australian brand's commitment to supporting the underground's most revered legends. "Growing up in Detroit, we had a history of DJs who had radio shows -- whether it was a mix or a show that showcased new music," Pullen recalls. "My approach for my Balance mix was to compile music that I don't get a chance to play when I'm on the road, but that's still good music. I also wanted to give the listener a breath of fresh air and play some eclectic melodic tunes, because I love a good melody. ... With Soundcloud, Mixcloud and other streaming sites, I am very selective on what I approve to have broadcasted," says Pullen. "I feel that those sites have diminished the validity and quality of the proper mixed compilation over the years, because now all you have to do is search for any DJ -- and there you have it." As such, this journey into Pullen's mind is all the more precious and telling, and deserves to be cherished as another memorable chapter in the esteemed Balance canon. What else inspired the mix? "That's an easy answer: my daughter. Everything flows when you're in love." Includes tracks by Pullen, rEJEKTS (including a remix by Marc Ashken), Leman & Dieckmann, Folic State remixed by Gurwan, DJ Hightech & IZT remixed by RaySoo, Atmosfear remixed by The Revenge, Miss Mee, Roi Okev, Cid Inc., Digitaria, Sobek, Toby Dreher feat. Dirty Paul and remixed by Autotune, Huxley remixed by Deetron, Anderson Noise, Peter Gibney, E-Dancer, Kevin Over, Hoito, Alex B, Chris Carrier & Hector Moralez, Jad & The Ladyboy, Oscar P, Osunlade, Roscius remixed by Jona Sul, Tom Ellis feat. Caroline Mulcahy, and Fake Blood.