Oui Bitte

BB 430CD BB 430CD

"... Oui Bitte shows Station 17 as a band of experts in a kind of acoustic transcendence. Their music tenderly forces you to engage in all of this at the same time. Already in the field recordings of the Elbe shore with which '20.000 Meilen unter dem Mond' begins you are being offered a pact: Hand over all control to the music, swim out to the open sea and be thrown back to yourself -- just so you can indulge in the sonic waves. That prelude seems programmatic: In the following 40 minutes you are being carried along, you are being amused, catapulted, earthed, moved. Oui Bitte manages to douse the resonance body, to drift away, to wash ashore, to take off. The landing: always soft! The biggest continuity is the positive vibe, a reliable air host, pleasant, more shell than irritation. Station 17 do not produce cracks in the dam, they are smoothing out riverbeds. 'Bewegung' then appears as the highlight of the album, a manifestation of the idea Station 17. Move your mind and move your body, as Birgit Hohnen says here, a deceased companion of the group who is being projected into the present of the song through a sample. With your eyes closed this track allows you to take off meditatively. And then there's the latent melancholy which finds its way in. This futuristic music of the past stays warm, stays cordial, stays inviting: to the sonic utopia of a more beautiful world which has already been established by this album at this point and by this band in any case. In the end the record takes its time, a wide room is designed, meters are being covered. In the calmness of the last song a contradiction pops up: 'Das Rasen' ('The rushing'). But the contradiction dissolves: If you listen closely, you are gliding through the high grass ('Rasen') on which to lie down and listen to Oui Bitte invites. Yes, please: Repeat!" --Hendrik Otembra