TS 12011LP TS 12011LP

"The sun plays tricks on the eyes when the atmosphere's just right, with fata morganas like the Crocker Mountains or the Flying Dutchman, or with sun dogs like the ones that dazzled and disoriented Robert Falcon Scott. Sunlore is like that. As soon as you think you've got a bead on what they are, they just shimmer away from you. Sunlore falls through the cracks. The LP kicks off familiarly enough, sounding like Sun Ra playing 'Bron-Y-Aur Stomp' on a crunchy rocksichord, and then it lurches, keyboard-first, into a landscape of trailing moans and the distant clatter of ghost bongos ... parlor pianos playing melodies by Samuel Beckett ... a long parabolic samsara through some sort of hideously beautiful Sheela na Gig portal into a world lit by a black sun ... and then back out again to where you started from ... with all the fried elasticity of the first Amon Düül record, only a REALLY solipsistic version of it ... and ... wait ... on closer inspection, that ain't Uschi Obermaier out there shaking maracas in the shadow of the Berlin Wall ... it's actually your own pineal gland, vibrating? take that, Stasi bitches! So there you go. You can draw a set of references to similar sonic spacery from Shock Records' early days, Skullflower, Dead-fucking-C, New Blockaders, the aural magick of RRR or even Red Rhino records. However far into the name-check bush you want to go on walkabout, you'll still find an empty bag of clues at the end of the moebius strip. All I can tell you about Sunlore is that they come from southeastern Pennsylvania, one of the guys works down at the airport like Little Johnny Jewel, and they have some sort of affiliation with the equally uncategorizable Heart Land. And, like Heart Land, Sunlore's self-titled LP is available on Tequila Sunrise Records, one in a series of on-going collaborative co-releases with Cream of Turner Productions. It's a limited edition of 200, all with hand-made sleeves. Each sleeve, it should be mentioned, is an individual work of art involving spray paint, ball-bearings(?) and the alchemical element of fire."