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This is the first new Technasia album since 2006 and sure to be one of the musical highlights of 2010. The much-anticipated LP is powerful testimony to why Technasia is one of the most respected acts in electronic music. Taking its name from the Hong Kong metro system, Central is an emphatic creative statement that marks a new milestone in an evolving story. Technasia mainstay Charles Siegling was in no hurry to put out an album: the result of his patience is the purest Technasia album to date -- a seamless interweaving of sounds, styles and moods. Central views house and techno through the lens of Technasia's experience, creating music that is both refreshing and familiar. The melodic soul of the album may surprise some, who are most familiar with Technasia's fierce live techno sets, but it evokes a longer heritage. Fans who cherish the Fuse Presents Technasia mix as well as the 2000 hit single "Force," respectively voted one of Resident Advisor's Top 50 mix CDs and Top 50 singles, will also instantly recognize the signature blend of house, techno and electro driven by an artistry that both acknowledges and pushes the boundaries of electronic music. Central is the locus where Siegling's roots in Chicago house, epic Detroit soundscapes and the tough beats of early UK techno meet with the sensibility of futuristic European techno -- particularly the crisp, clean style coming from Berlin and the warmth of the house revival which has swept clubs everywhere. Central will whisk you into a musical universe that moves from midnight cityscapes to Balearic sunsets to the bowels of a dark, effervescent club somewhere outside of Chicago. It is music in constant motion, evoking both the itinerant life of an international DJ and the global reach of electronic music. This album both captures and comments on the interconnectedness of 21st century life, mixing space-age electronica with gritty, street-level techno. As a result, the album functions on both an instant aural level and on an emotional level. It sounds different from its contemporaries because it is different: it is designed to continually get further under your skin. Guest artists include Dosem, Diana Ayanna, and Viviana Espinosa.