Vol. 2

MR 428LP MR 428LP

Munster Records present a first-time vinyl reissue of Telegraph Avenue's Vol. 2, originally released in 1975. The story of Telegraph Avenue, the Peruvian band whose name takes you back to the countercultural San Francisco of the sixties, began with guitarist, vocalist, and composer Bo Ichikawa's journey of initiation to the United States in 1969. After attending many live shows of rock stars, including the emerging Latin artist Carlos Santana, Bo returned to Peru at the end of 1969 to form Telegraph Avenue with friends. They performed a repertoire that mixed the main branches of psychedelia with the novel Latin sounds of Santana. Thanks to their performances in discotheques, parties, school celebrations, festivals and across different regions of the country, they quickly gained a devoted audience and their 1971 debut LP: Volumen 1 (MAG) sold out in days. Despite the success of the album the group disbanded soon after. They reunited again in 1974, adding another guitarist to the band who also contributed his own songs to the repertoire. In their second LP, on the MAG label too, they returned to the sophisticated vocal interplay and polished compositions of the first album. It was released in 1975. Bad timing. Political instability prevented it from being distributed properly. Volumen 2 is considered the last album of the golden age of Peruvian rock spanning the decade 1965 to 1975, starting with Los Saicos' early recordings and ending with Volumen 2 by Telegraph Avenue. It's the swan song of a young generation, which like all youth was misunderstood and found redemption and transcendence in music. First time vinyl reissue, including a bonus track and liner notes.