Vol. 1

TWI 1146 TWI 1146

New project from the French MC Spleen, who has collected tracks from some of his favorite artists worldwide (including Antony & the Johnsons, Devendra Banhart & Diane Cluck) and segued them into his own tracks, somewhat comparable to Tricky's Nearly God project from 1997. "The Black & White Skins is a crew of artists from different inspirations (musicians, singers, videasts, plastics technicians) who have in common the willing of freedom and deny every kind of marketed/political speeches that condition people to forget themselves in an alienated crowd. It is also the freedom to be different and to concretize your dreams, do the music you feel. At the beginning it's the story of a guy who love people and wants to build things with them: Spleen. He saunters in the streets of 'Panam'/ Paris as well as in other cities in other countries, and it is music to his ears. On his way he's looking after beautiful souls. So naturally every member of the Black & White Skins' crew has been met by Spleen and now each one creates with each other in harmony, following their feelings. So naturally this CD is an original trip with multiple destinations : folk, rock, rap, soul, jazz that exceeds the borders and breaks any logic of classification. This is what you feel while listening to this mongrel track listing of 24 tracks." Artists: Antony & The Johnsons, BenMo, Diane Cluck, Zahra Hindi, Jana Hunter, Ardzen, Bat For Lashes, Devendra Banhart, Little Wings, Patricia Marx, Mrs. Love Stream, Mac Allister, CoCo Stone, Danielle Stech-Homsy, Djeuhdjoah, Yoshi from Tokyo, Zero Watt, Tremenda.