In Coastal Light

RY 112LP RY 112LP

The Crystal Furs are a queer indie pop/rock band from Portland, OR. They write melodic, textured songs about anxiety, architecture, lesbians, and queer feels -- loud music for quiet hearts. In Coastal Light is the band's fifth album, following on from 2020 LP Beautiful and True, and hears them honing their blend of grunge-y riffs and '60s-girl-group vocals. Sky blue vinyl. "Had Portland's (via Forth Worth) The Crystal Furs have been around in the late '80s-early '90s there is a possibility they would have been signed to Sarah Records, home of OG jangle pop bands like The Field Mice and The Sea Urchins. Then again with their sunny, bright melodies, they might have found themselves riding the charts alongside The Bangles." --50Thirdand3rd "It's something of a well-worn expression, that adult life is about 'finding oneself', but it certainly seems for the Buchanans, and their band, that all of the changes in their life have enabled them to do just that. And what they've found are winning alt. indie-pop purveyors in the mold of Helen Love. Beautiful And True is an album whose title could not be clearer: it is what it says it is." --Get In Her Ears "Think of those jangly C86 tunes mixing genteel harmonies, spiraling keyboards, melodic guitar/bass sounds and wistful vocals and you begin to get the drift here." --Into Creative "From the opening tones of the Farfisa organ on 'Comeback Girls' the lo-fi indie pop shines through, with jangly guitars, unassuming instrumental breaks and a naturalistic production that puts the Furs right there in the room with you." --Cambridge Music Review "Retro without being jaded, cute without being cliched what The Crystal Furs do so well -- and demonstrate deeply on both tracks in this release -- is as we've said pair light, sparkling and downright danceable melodies with dark-hearted lyrics emerging from shadowy inner worlds and harder lived experiences." --Popoptica