Complete Studio Masters


Legendary indie space rockers Sterling Roswell and Pete Bassman of Spacemen 3 return as The Darkside after a 23 year hiatus with a five CD Complete Studio Masters box set of remasters, remixes, and demos. One of the projects to emerge from the groundbreaking efforts of the drone-rock pioneers, The Darkside led by Pete Bain (aka Pete Bassman), who on leaving Spacemen 3 prior returned to his hometown of Rugby, would be joined by fellow alumni and multi-instrumentalist Sterling Roswell. Signed soon after to Beggars Banquet due to the strength of their demos and live shows, The Darkside went on to unleash psychedelic gems including; "Waiting For The Angels", "Guitar Voodoo", "Mystic Morning", "All That Noise", and many more. Now, nearly 25 years on, Rosco and Pete have worked front line for both the re-mastering and artwork of this special release. Jonathan Levitt of Blurt Magazine, discusses the band's first release All That Noise (1990): "I can clearly remember back to 1990 when All That Noise was released and the first time I spun it on my Doctor Goth radio show. While simultaneously listening to the sinister opening bass notes of 'Guitar Voodoo' and staring at the cryptic album cover I was transfixed by a band that was thankfully outside of any contrived musical movement being pushed at the time, Madchester anyone? The album is propelled along a very clear trajectory giving a heavy nod to 60's psych along the way. Now some 27 years on, the album remains as it did upon my first listen, a psychedelic gem existing in its own space and time, filled with a sinister, brooding and beguiling set of tracks that continue to astonish." Discs 1 and 2 contain the critically acclaimed debut album All That Noise remastered, plus alternate versions, mixes, instrumentals, demos, bonus unreleased live tracks, and an interview recorded in 1990. Disc 3 contains the follow-up, the second critically acclaimed album Mellomania (1992), remastered in full. Disc 4 contains dub remixes and remastered Mayhem To Meditate EP (1992). Disc 5 contains the Bomp Records Lunar Surf EP (1992), remastered Jukebox At Munster's single (1992), the previously unreleased lost third album, and demos.