No Drama

3000GRAD 010CD 3000GRAD 010CD

The Glitz (Daniel Nitsch and Andreas Henneberg) present their debut full-length album, No Drama, the result of two years of studio work. Since 2003, Nitsch and Henneberg have been running their label Voltage Musique Records with Markus Hille and traveling around the world with their respective solo projects; these engagements, combined with the distance between their homes (one lives in Rostock, one in Berlin) have limited the time available for studio work. This is still "no drama" for the boys; in fact, they benefit from the distance and always bring new ideas and creativity to their meetings. In other words, the title No Drama can be taken as their attitude toward life. A north German laid-back attitude meets rascally Berlin cheeriness. Their disparate influences and musical backgrounds are probably the most important bricks in the foundation of their album's independent sound -- without losing the red thread one can find clear traces of downbeat, trip-hop, jazz, and funk next to club-friendly tracks. American singer and electronica songwriter i Am Halo is featured on two tracks, and the vocalist from Parasite Single lends her wonderfully charismatic voice to "Sugar to the Milk," weaving her way into the listener's ear alongside a groaning bassline. German rock singer and close friend Stefan Krogmann and internationally active pianist Johann Blanchard contribute to two more surprisingly different tracks. Some of the songs included here will be recognizable to those familiar with The Glitz's DJ sets -- they've been extensively tested in clubs and continuously refined. No Drama is an album thoroughly suitable for the club, and can also be excellently enjoyed while enjoying a cup of tea in your grandparents' living room.