Autonomy Variations

4GN3S 003EP 4GN3S 003EP

Fresh from the release of their third album Autonomy (4GN3S 002LP) in the summer of 2019, comes Autonomy Variations: four brand new perspectives from four exciting, innovative kindred spirits of the avant-pop duo. South London's Medlar breaks the seal. Following a series of incredible live collaborations with Dele Sosimi (Fela Kuti), he's has turned "Autonomy" into a minimal, percolating house track. Swapping the acid spikes for analog bleeps, Medlar's signature can be felt every step through this vivid energetic stomper. Fabric resident Anna Wall follows with another beautiful subversion as "New Politik" is given a smoldering take. Moody, intimate, downtempo; there's some serious late night HTRK-esque vibes to Anna's twist. Further into the remix trip you glide to find Dischi Autunno, Ombra International affiliate Curses pulling "Electric Light" into the fringes. Taking the upbeat, crystalline pop of Penelope and Stephen's original and flipping it into a stark postpunk Bauhaus-inspired take, Curses' live bass and driving new wave beat shine a whole new light on the original and write it a whole new chapter. Finally, brand new act, Isolating have the honor of closing the EP with industrial modular apocalyptic take on "Infinity". A vast playground of contrasts, at points it's dirty and pounding. At others it's quiet and menacing. File under: Dystopian Techno. Four extensions on one of the most interesting electronic albums released this year. DJ Mag stated it's The Golden Filter's best work yet while Clash called a it a bruising return. These remixes follow with complete forward-thinking consistency.