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The Petards

BAF 18047LP BAF 18047LP

"After the success of their debut album A Deeper Blue in late 1967, The Petards were unstoppable. 1968 was to be another decisive year. Sigi Loch, then young record company boss in Munich, discovered the band and signed them to his label Liberty. The Schrecksbach band consisting of the brothers Klaus (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Horst Ebert (vocals, guitar, piano), Roger Waldmann (bass, vocals) and Arno Dittrich (drums) was now in prominent company, because Amon Düül II, Krokodil and The Can were also under contract with Sigi Loch. In July, The Petards recorded their first single for Liberty, Pretty Liza b/w Rainbows & Butterflies at the Munich Trixi recording studio, directed by Sigi Loch. A respect success, of course from the pen of the two Ebert brothers. The four musicians had long since become stars in their Hessian homeland, and intensive touring has also made them famous in the rest of Germany. In 1968 alone, The Petards played 270 gigs, including a handful of shows in what was then Czechoslovakia, where the band was enthusiastically received. Their performance in Pilzen was even broadcast live on Czech radio! The band still lived with their roadies in the Ebert family home in Schrecksbach, the band's rural headquarters.Shortly before the CSSR tour in October 1968, the band returned to the Trixi recording studio in Munich to record their second album under the direction of Sigi Loch. The band had already tried out many of the songs live at their countless live shows, so the recording sessions were fast and professional. The Trixi recording studio was already known at that time for its great technical equipment, and the band enjoyed audibly trying out the versatile possibilities of the existing equipment. The Petards was a significant move forward compared to the debut A Deeper Blue, which affected both the songs (of course all written by the Ebert brothers) and the performance in the studio..."