Description of a Flame

SI 013LP SI 013LP

Double LP version. Heavy deluxe vinyl, gatefold sleeve. Limited to 100 copies. The Untied Knot is the London-based improvisational duo of Nigel Bryant (electric guitar and synthesizer) and Matt Donovan (drums, percussion, and synthesizer). Their approach to free composition fuses elements of psychedelic rock, drone, electronic, and folk musics. Description of a Flame, the group's third album, is the culmination of a year of sessions -- both at Press Play Studio with Stereolab drummer Andy Ramsay at the controls, and at Block H, The Untied Knot's home studio -- and was mastered by Rothko's Mark Beazley. The music was edited from a number of studio improvisations. Where overdubs were added, the majority were also improvised. Guest Shane Gilliver added his lap steel guitar to "Legendary Fountain" with no previous exposure to the track. The duo's sound has evolved from its earlier instrumentation of acoustic guitar and hand percussion to an electrified drone-rock consisting of drum kit, electric guitar, and synthesizers. The sound recalls a range of influences, from the analog electronics of Harmonia and Add N to (X) to psych-tinged post-punk to Fripp & Eno ambience. The Untied Knot's live appearances have included performances at Union Chapel in North London and the Purcell Room in London's Southbank Centre. They have performed on bills with underground legends Daevid Allen, Chris Cutler, and Charles Hayward. Bryant is co-curator of the successful monthly Sonic Imperfections experimental music night in Southeast London and co-presents a monthly Resonance FM show of the same name. Donovan has also played drums with Eat Lights Become Lights, including a set at the 2013 Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia and an improvised performance with Damo Suzuki.