Nux Vomica (Nick Launay Mixes)


"The rawness of The Veils' Nux Vomica can be enjoyed to a degree never heard before, with Ba Da Bing's limited edition pressing of the records with the original mixes by Nick Rainey left intact. Originally released in 2006, The Veils sophomore album Nux Vomica was praised for its 'Herculean intensity' by The Guardian, and called 'a heady blast of gothic psychodrama' by The Observer, while Pitchfork praised leader Finn Andrews' 'magnetic, outsized persona.' Long out of print, the vinyl version was resuscitated by Music On Vinyl in 2017 and quickly sold out. Now, The Veils present the definitive version of their most heralded album to date, which dusts off the original mixes by legendary producer Nick Launay (Public Image Limited, The Birthday Party, INXS and Midnight Oil) and offers them to fans here for the first time. Taken from the original two-inch analog tape reels, each song was carefully remastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios in London. Nux Vomica was the first of many creative reinventions for Andrews, who at 22 had already released an album on Rough Trade, moved from New Zealand to London to form a band, then back to New Zealand where he once again started the band anew. The creative progression is clear in Andrews' incisive lyricism and knack for hell-fire dramatics. All intentions to release this dark and raw set of recordings were dashed upon submission to Rough Trade for approval, who didn't like the results. They hired mixing engineer Bill Price to adjust the sound and add additional instrumentation. Launey's mixes were shelved and forgotten about, while the album nonetheless went on to be a critical highpoint for the band and is much loved to this day. To celebrate the release of The Veils' massive new double album, ?And Out Of The Void Came Love, Ba Da Bing is issuing a limited-to-1200-LPs simultaneous run of Nux Vomica in a form one has never heard before. The brilliance of Andrews' talents come through clearer in this version, which strips his songs to the core and allows the holes to show. Here's where the seeds of a lifelong artistic talent really began to first take root."