Please Please Please


Please Please Please is the third and last episode in a trilogy of DJ mix CDs by Cologne's Tobias Thomas for Kompakt. It started with Für Dich in 1999, the first DJ mix on Kompakt ever, which defined a very special and genuine way of compiling and arranging DJ sets as whole albums. Instead of putting together ten or fifteen banging club hits taken out of recent releases, the idea was to follow a more personal approach, focusing on a more timeless choice of music that has a certain meaning to the DJ. Something like a mix tape for a friend or a lover, combined with the way Thomas and his close fellow Michael Mayer used to deejay: like writing or telling a story, with a beginning and an end, with ups and downs, surprising breaks, as well as long and atmospheric moments in which nothing happens. In 2003, Thomas released the critically acclaimed (and still in-demand) Smallville, another epic journey through deep and emotional tracks -- many of which never hit the top of club charts but showcase all their strength and power combined with each other, together in the mix. More-so than its prequels, Please Please Please tries to slow things down as a modest reaction to a changing world of club culture and dance music in which technology tackles music's humanity and the permanent hunger for new kicks and simple signals leads to more and more strange musical results. Apart from some very minor post-production, this mix is as real, direct and human as it would be on a regular night somewhere in the clubs of the world at which Thomas is found on every given weekend. Above and beyond, they mark some points in the history of deep house, ambient, acid and techno, and are timeless representations of electronic music and its evolution. The tracklisting involves some great personalities in the world of electronic music's past and present: Fred Gianelli, Ricardo Villalobos, Johannes Heil and Reinhard Voigt, to name a few. Listen closely and you'll also find covers of legendary hits by Johnny Marr and Stevie Nicks. Other artists include: Pantha Du Prince, Adolf Noise, Krause Duo, Vulva String Quartett, The Kooky Scientist, Thomas/Burger, Pachulke Und Sohn, Brant (feat. Mr. Roper), International Pony and Stella.