Fixion (Limited Edition)


Limited-edition 180-gram vinyl in gatefold sleeve; includes download code for exclusive bonus rework. In My Room presents Fixion, the fourth full-length offering from Anders Trentemøller. With Fixion, Anders has crafted a logical successor to 2013's Lost (IMR 014CD/LP), a record that in many ways managed to truly capture the visceral live experience of Trentemøller as a full band. In much the same manner that Lost built on from the somber cinematic classic that was Into The Great Wide Yonder (IMR 002CD/LP, 2010), Fixion has embraced the Danish artist's trademark melancholy and matured it into something uniquely atmospheric and darkly romantic. Rather than attempting to completely reinvent himself, Anders has used his latest outing as an opportunity to highlight certain granular aspects of his signature sound and refine them into a much more organic -- and at times perhaps more song-driven -- body of work. It's a record that on first listen may seem less detailed but, with Trentemøller, one should never be fooled by initial impressions. It's the kind of record that will over time repeatedly unlock new intricacies and offer the listener an opportunity to understand the work differently upon each listen. The album succeeds in traversing a swathe of influences and unassuming genres -- yet all the while holding true to Trentemøller's unique and sometimes challenging vernacular. From cascading minimalist synth-scapes to driving electro-punk, each and every track on Fixion is bound together with a contemplative melodic complexity. Vocals on "River In Me" and "Complicated" are by Jehnny Beth, singer of the UK band Savages, whose 2016 album Adore Life was mixed by Trentemøller. Marie Fisker, a mainstay of the Trentemøller live constellation, has also been a long-time studio collaborator of Anders and her four songs on Fixion mark their third musical partnership. Lisbet Fritze also features as a vocalist on "Where The Shadows Fall." Guest musicians include Jeppe Brix (Howl Baby Howl) on guitar, Lisbet Fritze on bass and guitar, and Jakob Høyer on drums and toms; all other instruments were played by Anders Trentemøller. The album was mastered by Grammy-nominee Emily Lazar at The Lodge (David Bowie, Foo Fighters, Lou Reed, Goldfrapp, Moby, Sonic Youth, Depeche Mode, The Velvet Underground).