Luke Tuchscherer, the Bedfordian singer/songwriter now based in New York City, is to release Carousel -- his fourth album in five years -- through Clubhouse Records. Carousel is a solo acoustic album, recorded live in the studio at Storybook Sound, Maplewood, New Jersey by Scott Anthony. Mixed and mastered by Chris Corney. Danny Tipping, of Clubhouse Records, says: "Following the success of Luke's previous full band albums it's a bold move to release an album as sparse as Carousel but it's a gamble that's paid off. In truth, I don't think Luke could resist marking his time on the East Cost by heading to New Jersey to record a lo-fi solo set just like another celebrated singer-songwriter. Maybe this is Luke's Nebraska!" Tuchscherer says: "After a rock record like Pieces last year, releasing the most stripped back album I'll ever make seemed the obvious thing to do! Seriously though, I have a nine-album plan. And ever since hearing The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, I've wanted to make a solo acoustic record. It had to be live in order to capture that feeling." As well as Dylan, Tuchscherer says Neil Young, Townes Van Zandt, and Elliot Smith informed the album. Tuchscherer continues: "First and foremost it was about finding songs that could stand up on their own . . . And on top of that, I wanted it to fit a theme lyrically too. That approach meant that a lot of the songs I chose were actually pretty old. 'You Still Have My Heart' was written two weeks before recording and 'The Night Tom Petty Died' was written just after I'd moved to New York, before my wife had joined me . . . The oldest song is 'My Darling England', which was written when I was 21. We actually recorded a full band version of it for The Whybirds' Cold Blue Sky but didn't release it. However, with all the Brexit chaos, the song has actually become more prescient as time has gone by, so it seems like holding it back was for the best." Tuchscherer's previous Clubhouse effort, Pieces, was released in 2018 to critical acclaim, while Always Be True, released in 2017, reached #15 in the UK Country Chart and #25 in the Americana Chart.