Nasi Hostia: Experimental Studio Bratislava Series 3

4MG 011LP 4MG 011LP

This series of electro acoustic music and musique concrète was started in 2015 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Experimental Studio Bratislava, Exs. Series 1 (4MG 007LP, 2015) introduced its listeners to Iná Hudba and other music from the first generation of Slovak avant-garde composers recorded in the Exs, mostly with self-built electronic equipment behind the Iron Curtain. Series 2 (4MG 009LP, 2016) provided a platform for Nova Generacia, the new generation of Slovak composers using Western equipment -- now integrated in the "five year plan" to purchase in the West... -- and influenced by Karlheinz Stockhausen, György Ligeti, and Pietro Grossi, among others. Series 3, titled Nasi Hostia, casts the recordings of visiting composers at the Exs, like György Ligeti, Lothar Voigtländer, Liviu Dandara, etc. The backbone to these unusual, landmark recordings were the highly esteemed Annual International Seminars on New Music in Smolenice, Slovakia. The first seminar, held in 1968, was and attended by Karlheinz Stockhausen -- playing his "Hymnen" for the first time abroad -- for the Slovak composers an ear-opener and a learning process on how "to make" this kind of "music"... In the following years new music personalities, like Ligeti, Mauricio Kagel, Lutoslawski, Gorecki, Sofia Gubajdulina, etc. attended the Smolenice Seminars. Unfortunately the partial opening of the Iron Curtain and the general cultural upsurge of the 1960s were frozen by tanks in 1968. Neo-Stalinistic "normalization" of the early 1970s violently pushed this -- and not only this -- creative branch beyond the borders of permitted cultural activities. This album offers the world premiere of: "Poème Symphonique for 100 Metronomes" by György Ligeti, performed and recorded in Smolenice Seminars, 1968 -- approved by the composer! Of particular interest is a student of Stockhausen and Ligeti: Romanian Liviu Dandara, with his outstanding electro acoustic composition "Affectus Memoria" that shows his artistic development after his studies in Darmstadt. The famous East German composer Lothar Voigtländer is presented here with his never released "Meditation Sur Le Temps", the almost forgotten Czech composer has here his "comeback" with the extraordinary "Speleofonie" -- just to name a few East European composers to discover from the analog past of the '70s. The seven recordings all date from 1968-1982, and also features compositions by: Milan Slavický, Georg Katzer, Lothar Voigtlaender, Zoltán Pongrácz, and Alois Piňos. Includes CD with each track presented at full-length; Edition of 500 (numbered).