Hide Behind The Silence EP 1


First 10" in a series of five EPs by Sasu Ripatti aka Vladislav Delay. 45rpm; includes download code; edition of 500. Vladislav Delay presents Hide Behind The Silence EP 1-5, a series of five 10" releases coming throughout 2023. Intuitive and raw music, momentary and reflective, released on Ripatti's own label, Rajaton. "Stillness is a myth. Consider concepts such as "still water", or "still air" for that matter . . . Everything can be explained on a molecular level, but since we're not scientists -- and even if you happen to be -- it's the natural world of perception that moves me. Still air is very similar. A hot summer's day with zero wind feels completely still. It's the closest I have felt to complete stillness. Or for a more urban adaptation, imagine the same vibe inside a normal apartment. In those moments, revelations and mind- blowing experiences can be had with experiments in stillness . . . What if we would need absolute stillness? Or is it just enough that we can perceive something as such? Extremes attract, so for both water and air, extraordinary movement is equally fascinating. That is also a luxury item of sorts. For us to enjoy a very 'loud' body of water or air, we need to be safe, in enough control of the situation. So, when you are, it's worthwhile to pay attention and take it all in. A rapid flowing free with extreme strength and just barely in control. Look at that water go! No still water on this one, only 'sparkling'. A windy day when birds seem surprised how hard it is to fly, but in the end, they make it. Trees bend but don't break. The wind shows you its movement but doesn't hurt you. It feels friendly, like a big clumsy dog that doesn't quite understand its size. It's beautiful to be a guest of the elements, but not at the mercy of them. A new kind of dialogue forms."