White Solar Dog

SH 009LP SH 009LP

Sin Hilo Records goes back to vinyl and electro in its ninth reference signed by White Solar Dog. Vinyl and electro are both in the label's DNA since the beginning and they decided to release them again. To start this new year 2021, Sin Hilo delivers the debut of a new alias that has a promising year to come. White Solar Dog is Computah!'s new project. He's been into electronic music since 1996, and active as Computah! since 2002. With more than two decades of analogical exploration and collecting records, Computah! has played in practically all clubs in Barcelona, and he has also presented along with Vj Render sophisticated audiovisual live experiences. For all these reasons, Sin Hilo was expecting White Solar Dog's debut, and they're more than satisfied with being the label selected to make it happen. In addition, the release culminates with three international remixers that contribute with even more electro tones: MOY, Paul Blackford, and Voiron are the three artists in charge of completing the nine tracks of the record with their wise and lucid tracks. From the sensuality of "Love Is The Message" to the deepness and tension of "Through All Dimensions", each White Solar Dog's track is a unique piece in its genre, with a complex and elaborated structure that shows how the artist is a huge electro connoisseur in all its spectrums and variations. White Solar Dog and the particular climate generated by each of its tracks is a must for electro lovers and a privileged invitation to those who are desiring to discover it in its maximum splendor.