#326 April 2011

WIRE 326 WIRE 326

"All copies of the April issue will come complete with an exclusive free CD stuck to the cover, The Wire Tapper 25, the latest volume in our ongoing series of new music compilations. As with previous volumes in the series, the CD will contain a range of new, rare or exclusive tracks from across the spectrum of the kind of underground/outsider musics covered in The Wire. Packaged in a heavy duty card sleeve designed by The Wire's art director Ben Weaver, the CD will be given away free with every copy of the April issue worldwide. On the cover of this month's issue: Richard Skelton (As A Broken Consort, Riftmusic and others, the UK sound artisan enters the wild places to create a ritual music of mourning and rebirth). Features: Funkystepz (The London trio are spreading their dancefloor delirium across the capital); Jenny Hval (The Norwegian songwriter/novelist sings her lungs and liver out on her visceral new album); Olivia Block (Field recordings inserted into real-time improv keeps the element of surprise); Global Ear: Helsinki (New venues like Ptarmigan encourage disorderly musical conduct in Finland's capital); Cross Platform: Charlie Nothing (Byron Coley on a forgotten American outsider artist whose work stretchted from psychedelic saxophone to inventing metallic Dingulators); Invisible Jukebox: Green Gartside (The Scritti Politti frontman hears some songs to remember in The Wire's mystery record selection); Peter Evans (Philip Clark meets the New York trumpeter whose deconstructions of historic jazz are forging a new, dynamic version of the music's future); Once Upon A Time In... Harlem (Andy Battaglia revisits the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, where the ghosts of Vladimir Ussachevsky, Otto Luening and Milton Babbitt linger); Epiphanies: Little Annie Bandez penetrates the secret heart of New York via the magic tones of Mile's Kind Of Blue."