#469 March 2023

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"On the cover: The Necks - For the last 25 years, the Australian trio have created a radical new open form for musical improvisation with hour-long performances that touch upon motorik rock, minimalist composition, drone and more. They talk to Daniel Spicer about their new album Travel; Inside the issue... ?irom - The Slovenian group reactivate archaic folk musics to create a new cosmic vision of Balkan sound through their longform performances. By Milo? Hroch; Marc Hollander - From fourth world 1980s art pop to creating a new hub for global music via the Crammed Discs label to a brand new album with Aksak Maboul, this Belgian polymath has created multiple visions of a better music world. By Julian Cowley; Invisible Jukebox: James Brandon Lewis - New York's hottest free and spiritual jazz reedsman takes our mystery music test to celebrate his new album Eye Of I. Global Ear - Giannis Kotsonis on the thriving experimental tape music scene in Athens; Unlimited Editions - Kehinde Alonge on essential East Coast jazz imprint 577 Records; Unofficial Channels; Inner Sleeve - Mark Wastell on The Specials; Epiphanies - Pat Gubler aka PG Six is mesmerized by the possibilities contained in a single note of a piano; Plus full page interviews with Avalanche Kaito, Debby Friday, Gamut Inc, and El Khat. With this March issue we will be making a few changes to the magazine, including shapeshifting its format to A4, and introducing a new logo and design layout courtesy of our new art director Guillaume Chuard."