#470 April 2023

WIRE 470 WIRE 470

"The Wire Tapper 61: Every copy of the April issue will come with a free CD of the latest album in our series of underground music anthologies attached to the cover. This edition of The Wire Tapper features a cover designed by Laurent Benner and contains 16 new tracks by Sourdurent, Left Hand Cuts Off The Right, Teufelskeller, Ettab, Mungo's Hi Fi, Mehmet Aslan and more. On the cover... Maria Chávez, Mariam Rezaei & Victoria Shen: Three experimental turntablists, from the UK and the US East and West coasts, come together in a new project which sets out on a European festival tour this April. By Emily Pothast. Inside the issue... Mihály Víg: The Hungarian film composer, actor and close collaborator of film director Béla Tarr talks to Ilia Rogatchevski ahead of a major new Berlin screening and soundtrack performance of Tarr's monumental Sátántangó; Dorothy Moskowitz: The vocalist in venerable US experimental/electronic rock band The United States Of America talks to Edwin Pouncey as she returns with new project The United States Of Alchemy; Invisible Jukebox: Tatsuya Yoshida Japanese underground rock's most prolific drummer takes times out from Ruins, KK Null, Korekyojinn, etc. to take our mystery record test; Unlimited Editions: Polish based electronic label Outlines takes inspiration from US footwork music' Unofficial Channels: The City & Memories project presents its new project Polar Sounds; Global Ear: Belfast music promoters and organizers are building new infrastructure while the region gets by without a government. By Brian Coney; Epiphanies: Francisco López on the sounds of the rainforest; One page interviews with Francisco Mela, Brighde Chaimbeul, Zoë Mc Pherson and patten."