The Marakra Cycle

NEOS 11308CD NEOS 11308CD

For soprano, baritone and chamber ensemble, to sound poems by the composer. Performed by Ensemble Polysono. René Wohlhauser is an unusual artist: composer, pianist, baritone, conductor, born in 1954, grew up in Brienz/Switzerland. Experiences as a rock and jazz musician, lied accompanist and improviser. Educated at the Music Academy in Basle, studying with Robert Suter, Jacques Wildberger, and Thomas Kessler, also attending composition courses with Kazimierz Serocki, Mauricio Kagel, Herbert Brün and Heinz Holliger. There followed studies in composition with Klaus Huber and Brian Ferneyhough, further piano studies with Stéphane Reymond and vocal studies with David Wohnlich and Robert Koller. In 2004, the world premiere of the opera Gantenbein was given at the Lucerne Theatre. In recent years Wohlhauser has repeatedly undertaken tours in Europe as pianist, singer and conductor with the Simolka-Wohlhauser Duo and his own Ensemble Polysono. He was a guest lecturer for composition at the International Summer Courses in Darmstadt (1988-1994), at the Festival in Odessa (1996-1998), and at the International Composers' Atelier in Lugano (2000). A composer deeply committed to cultural politics, he teaches composition, music theory and improvisation at the Basle Music Academy (and until 1991 at the Lucerne Academy) and at the SAMP/Kalaidos Music Academy. His conviction: no one can know everything. Our knowledge in its fragmentary constellation characterizes our attitude to life and our points of view, which often behave contrarily to the points of view of other people with a different fragmentary experience of life. Human behavior as a consequence of fragments of fallen knowledge. What does this mean, then, in terms of composition? Creating complex microstructures, working with fragments from a fragmentary world that coalesce to form new sonic conglomerates that perhaps open up new experiences and points of view to the public.