On The Quiet

DT 066CD DT 066CD

2017 release. Xinobi's 2017 album on Discotexas, On The Quiet, is an album rooted in the now. Danceable emo electronica, atmospheric house, ethereal techno, dark chill; there are many ways in which one could describe this music. More than anything, though, On The Quiet is a dance floor-focused story about the transition of many electronic musicians from punk rock and skateboarding into house music and about how dance music can be a space for social awareness. It's common knowledge that the second album from an artist is a most difficult task, but On The Quiet proves the exception. After countless successful singles and remixes, Xinobi found his own style on his debut album, 1975 (DT 044CD/LP, 2014) and now improves that style with this set of songs. On The Quiet is a reflection of the path that many contemporary electronic musicians have crossed, starting with punk and developing a musical diversity while keeping some of the DIY ethics associated with that music. Indeed, one could even say this a DIY record. Not only did Xinobi play and self-produce the album, but he is, along with Moullinex, one of the founders of Discotexas. That's not to say that Xinobi is the only voice on the album; friends were invited to sing on some tracks and Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi) makes an appearance in a nod to Xinobi's punk roots. The record also features artwork by Braulio Amado, extensive biographical writings, the lyrics, and interviews with Igor Cavalera (Sepultura, Mixhell) and David Andersson.