"After releasing 12"s on Cheap and Payola now the first regular full length album from the producer trio from Frankfurt/Main and Hamburg. The Members work as theatre/ performance artists and produce sound stories. Recently at the golden pudel-club, Hamburg: three men at the best age, who call themselves B Recordings, are on the small, but important stage and serve their electronic instruments. A purposeful beat hurries through the space and says to your central nervous system: Shine is the new album of B Recordings, which appears in November 2001 on the label Payola. The dance-bareness of their songs is the door opener for the total experience of their sound design. As on a trampoline you jump into finely arranged clouds of music chips, somewhere between song and house, guitar and loop, scratching and crackling, Matthew Herbert and Bergheim 34. B Recordings don't palliate anything in their music and suspend stolen samples exclusively in an unfinished way into the 4/4- landscape of their bassdrum without fills. Arrangement and dramaturgy are effective like a stage play, which structures a 'voltage-bow' and tells a history. B Recordings are a producer trio from Frankfurt/Main and Hamburg. With their music in the 'club-triad' House- Techno- Song they break the framework of the one track 'Track-thinking'. Striking surfaces and unexpected idea-jumps keep open possibilities and let hardly anticipate, what comes next. A straight beat holds together the variety of genre and acknowledges their dance bareness. While producers mostly plan in whole albums today B Recordings think in single songs and stories. Stories about afro-American folksingers, who become programmers of computer. Stories about girl groups of the 60´s moving over filters. Van Dyke Parks walks through the generously created green belts of Shine: 'and if there were any gods who ever lived above me, I knew them not.'(Van Dyke park: Discover America, 1972). B Recordings don´t use the sampler as cut machinery, but they put songs in folds. With this method they certify their respect to the used material, which they keep untouched in volume and weight and that gives the form an own drive."