Experiences De Vol

SR 192CD SR 192CD

2006 repress of this 2002 release, not previously distributed in the US. Legendary French avant-garde weird symphonic rock/prog group Art Zoyd asked thirteen composers around the world to create a piece for Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles -- directed by Jean-Paul Dessy (but founded by Henri Pousseur in 1962). For the realization of this project, many forces were necessary: two regions between two countries -- Belgium and France -- two ensembles -- Musiques Nouvelles (20 musicians) and Art Zoyd (6 musicians) and their high-tech studios -- and two years of work. Each piece on this compilation explores the essential framework of today's creators, pushing boundaries and revealing the unexpected results from some of the greatest names in today's electronic world as expressed by classical musicians. "Opus #1" by Ryoji Ikeda is the first piece that he wrote for non-electronic instruments -- and paradoxically one of his most accomplished works. Atau Tanaka's composition is for chamber orchestra, Theremin and infrared. Horatio Radulescu, the founder of the Spectral technique of composition is, for sure, one of the greatest composers alive, this is his last Opus (#64). David Shea is well-known by his many collaborations with Sub Rosa and Tzadik, and Jean Luc Fafchamps is also a Sub Rosa favorite. Jean-Paul Dessy questions mermaid's voices, Kasper T. Toeplitz organizes a Glenn Branca revival, and Jerome Combier tries to impart black light to music, while Giovammi Sollima mixes baroque chamber orchestra and techno rhythm. Gerard Hourbette continues Art Zoyd's expressionist legend, Jean-Christophe Feldhandler organizes a space in constant change, Fausto Romitelli matches a string quartet with a single mixer, and finally, Gualtiero Dazzi creates a tragic cinematographic space. 13 compositions. 13 unpublished works. 13 ways to combine electronic music and classical instruments.