The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun

EM 1066CD EM 1066CD

Legendary independent soundtrack recording to the classic 1969 surf movie The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun, directed by George Greenough. The soundtrack was written, performed and produced by American surfer group, Farm. Farm's lead guitarist Denny Aaberg was a keen surfer and later became a well-known surf writer; the movie Big Wednesday (1978) is based on his novel about his surfing youth. Other members of Farm include bassist Phill Pritchard, guitarist Ernie Knapp, both of whom played with The Beach Boys in the 1980s-1990s, and the Dragon brothers Doug and Dennis (organ and drums respectively on this soundtrack). Dennis also has a Beach Boys link, having done sound work for them. Dennis became a busy surf soundtrack producer in the 1970s, did some early work with Van Halen, and was a member of the Surf Punks. An additional musician on this soundtrack is Daryl Dragon (The "Captain" in Captain & Tennille), who collaborated with Dennis Wilson. Daryl and Dennis Dragon produced about 30 albums in their Malibu studio. This album is the only release from this historical surfer quintet. The movie is very well-known and brought an epoch-making "street" style to surf films for the next decades, and is still a long-time favorite of many people. The fine soundtrack performances by Farm helped to promote the streetwise feeling of the film. No Annette, no Jan & Dean, no beach party anymore. People agreed the soundtrack -- jazz, blues and psychedelia-based -- was totally tremendous and birthed a new surf style. The trippy and imaginative sounds go well with the atmosphere of the Greenough film. The soundtrack has a strong reputation based on the reaction of viewers. However, despite the word-of-mouth fame, the existence of the original soundtrack album was known only to serious record collectors or surfers, as it was released privately (the original LP has no label credit or address), with only 1000 copies pressed. Distribution was limited to the U.S. West Coast, mainly surf shops, with some mail-order distribution. The album was illegally issued (with a different cover) in the early 1970s in Australia. Though Greenough is well-known for his superb underwater camera work on Big Wednesday and his later surf classic Crystal Voyager, The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun is the origin of his work.