Detached Works [01]

DU 034CD DU 034CD

Toronto-to-Berlin export Jeremy P Caulfield, the respected and prolific tech/house DJ, returns with Detached Works, representing the next installment in the long-standing Detached mix series. Caulfield, along with a close faction of other DJs, was responsible for building Toronto's rich techno scene through the late '90s. Transplanting himself to Berlin in late 2003, he teamed up with a new label partner Ingo Gansera, and a new synergy emerged. Since then, the two have quietly woven the Dumb-Unit label deep into the city's rich electronic music scene, to serve as an outlet for a newly emerging attitude. Since the start of his DJ career, Jeremy has developed a dedicated following by always keeping his style fresh yet firmly locked into his trademark dark, brooding hypnotism. The same goes with the label, although many of the artists are spread onto other imprints, for Dumb-Unit they have often sculpted a darker more stalking brand of techno. Hence the name, not clinging to one scene or sound. Here now is a first attempt to capture the many different levels and moods of Dumb-Unit, as well as Jeremy's DJing together in one CD package. CD1 is a straightforward concept: collect some of the best Dumb-Unit tracks of the last 2 years and put them together on CD for all to take pleasure in. CD2 is a larger undertaking but with no different goal: through his tight network of international friends, Jeremy has compiled an arresting mix of the highest caliber. Mixed on two turntables but using Serato Scratch technology, Jeremy has scoured his acquaintances' hard drives and MP3 promo pools and begged them to let him use what he found. The result is a mix that is as fresh as he could get, without bootlegging it. Filled to the brim with notable up-and-comers as well as a bevy of household names, Detached is a targeted examination of some of the most prodigious pockets of musical talent arising the world over. Modern music for modern times. Artists include: Sweet'n Candy, Butane, Touane & Nuel, Bvoice & KHZ Exercise One. Alejandro Vivanco, Osvaldo, Jorge Savoretti, Ryan Crosson, Seuil, Italoboyz (feat. James What), Barem, Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss, Uli Kunkel, Matt Star, Kai Mann + Neal White, George Serge, Franco Cinelli, Shonky, Axel Bartsch, 3Channels, Lineas de Nazca and Mare & Solaris.