Made In Vienna


Brazilian-born, Austria-based artist Joyce Muniz combines the sounds and rhythms of her home country with contemporary European electronic sounds. Her full-length debut album Made In Vienna, on Shir Khan's Exploited, showcases the latest evolution of her sound, moving from the dancefloor into a space somewhere between the club and the home, aided by a slew of perfectly crafted vocals. "This album took almost two years to make," she reveals, "I met a lot of people during my tours. I also brought a lot of people to Vienna to work with me." Her symbiotic relationship with the Austrian capital sees her put in as much as she takes out of it. She is part of the fabric of the city's musical scene, from her show on national radio station FM4 to her residency at the sadly deceased Pratersauna. With a long gestation period and a cast of collaborators picked up through her journeys across the world, Made In Vienna is a record that embodies Muniz's recent life and experiences. "It's hard to say what this album is," she elaborates on the record's identity, "I can imagine people dancing to it in the club but also in the car, or hearing it on the radio or at home. I think it really depends of the mood of the listeners." Kat Vinter's honeyed vocal on "Cover Me Up" gets the album going in fine style, countered by male singer Knixx's soulful delivery on "Drop In Pressure" as a follow-up. "Simple Poetry" shows she doesn't rely on vocals to make a captivating track, however, with lush chords pulsing over a succinct arrangement. "Wake Beside You" shows her prowess in the b-line department with Christa Vi's higher registers providing the perfect counterbalance to the phat bottom end. "Hide" with Enequist takes her musicality to new heights with gliding harmonies and xylophones and Human Life collaboration "Deeper" takes the melodies into a moodier place. "Gotta Love It" is one of her typically guttural, low-slung club workouts. "Daydreaming" provides a gently pumping and euphoric groove. After this comes Angelique Bianca's sultry tones on the techy Wehbba co-production "Sleepless", and her Kraftwerk-sampling single "Back In The Days" with Jungle Brothers legend Bam's inimitable hip-house stylings showing what a diverse range of sounds and songs Muniz is able to eke out of the house/techno template. Closer, "Silent Crime", presents the album's most delicate and fragile moment. Includes download card.