Shadows [Remixes]

F 116 CD F 116 CD

"Welcome to the world of Juantrip', where the truth is a lie and the lies are the truth. 'Shadows' is taken from Juantrip's debut album Balmy Under The Stormy. One of the stand out tracks from the album, 'Shadows' is based around a Hank Marvin style guitar riff. Throwing in the unlikely match of a four to the floor kick drum/breakbeat, it sounds like an odd recipe but it is better and fresher for it. Juantrip' breaks a few rules with his own agenda and manages to bring some colour and life to the scene with his multi-layered theatrics. There are some excellent reinterpretations of 'Shadows' on this single. Don Air's superb remix takes the main riff, but strips the track of its four to the floor status, opting for the smokier vibes of dub with its rimshots and emphasis on the bassline. Lov. & Charlie Ride's mix sticks with the house feel, makes it a bit spacey and takes the sound back to the 80s with its tinier production and obligatory off-kick. Finally we have Stoppa & J-Man Droidworks who go for an Electro-breaks vibe whilst keeping the track's deeper feel. Juantrip' is a the colourful sonic crusader who's life has included being abducted by a hippie commune as a child, running the streets of Paris as teenage punk and sharing a communal acid hallucination in his early twenties. His debut album draws on all of these experiences to conjure a unique work which echoes late sixties psychedelia but redresses it in purely 90s terms."