Object Lessons


"Object Lessons and what of this ten-song collaboration between artist Lieberman and Yeh? Perhaps the influenced musically discussed is somewhere starting between mutual love of various artistic and musical genres certainly -- sound poetry, psychedelic rock, Japanese scum noise, Japanese psychedelic rock, listy lists, but certainly embodies more the present-time sensibilities and whims of both between the two artists to combine for something perhaps neither strictly adhering to any imitation. Perhaps to this record appropriately let's step back to New York artist Justin Lieberman's 2009 sculptural and multimedia work The Corrector's Custom Pre-Fab House -- a description from the debuting gallery follows -- 'The Corrector's Custom Pre-Fab House is inspired by Robert Venturi and Denise Scott-Brown's 1972 book, Learning From Las Vegas, which provides an in depth examination of what they call 'the decorated shed,' a simple structure with elaborate signage. Using the urban sprawl of Las Vegas as an example, they posit this architectural style as a means to enrich the symbolic content of post-modern architecture. The Corrector's Custom Pre-Fab House is a steel dwelling covered with a multitude of objects including a 1970s snowmobile, a life sized Jolly Green Giant, foam filled inflatable toys, an illuminated Fedex sign, and a 7 foot shark. Accompanying the house is a sculpture of the 'Corrector,' a character inspired by the fictional figure, Nobusuke Tagomi, from Philip K Dick's novel, The Man in the High Castle. The novel follows Tagomi in a fictional future fifty years after Germany and Japan defeat the Allied forces in World War II. Lieberman's interpretation of Taogmi is that of an avid collector of all things pop culture, whose collecting habits extend to the exterior of his home. Within the house, there is a computer equipped with a program that enables the 'Corrector' to archive each object with an informational text about the object's history, which is then projected onto the adjacent wall of the gallery. Created in the style of a Katamari video game, the program features texts on each object taking various forms such as objective accounts, plagiarized product descriptions, aesthetic meditations, poetry, short fiction, satire, and prose. These texts were then transformed into the record, Object Lessons, a musical collaboration between Justin Lieberman and C Spencer Yeh. The record is a spoken rendition of select object descriptions that were reworked into an ... musical format.' Full-color gatefold jacket, depicting abovementioned objects piled up in a grassy field, and the empty dome waiting for occupancy, and inside special illustrations for both ten tracks -- with full color picture disc LP showing the Corrector statue's head in both sketch and final form. Manufacture stopped around 250 copies."