Kosmik Fallout 2


" 1994 a group of local DJ's, graphic designers, promoters, and producers met up and formed a collective that was known as Kosmik Reys in Miami. Later in 1997, they were instrumental in the formation of MTA 94.3 fm, one of the many pirate radio stations that plagued the airwaves of commercial radio stations throughout the city. Miami's Transmit Authority was dedicated to the cause of underground urban electronic music. Kosmik Reys hosted a 1 hour show known as Kosmik Fallout, which was an hour mix of mostly classic underground house music by artists such as Phuture, Fingers Inc., Metro, N.Y. House?n Authority, Egotrip, Bluejean, and Adonis just to name a few. The closing of the show was dedicated to classic and underground hip hop and abstract electronics, everything from X-Clan to Autechre. Unfortunately, MTA 94.3 fm would only exist for 5 months before internal conflicts and the FCC caused its demise. Its shut-down helped in the foundation of WOMB 107.1 fm (a station dedicated to electronic music). Kosmik Reys quickly started a 4 hour show on the newly formed radio station which came to be known as Phonoforum, and which had the original Kosmik Fallout show integrated into it. Phonoforum would have special guests including members of Miami's underground labels such as Chocolate Industries, Beta Bodega, and Schematic stop by. The show continued with the promotion of classic house and hip hop but also added in the latest in experimental electronic hybrids. In 1998, after the raid on the WOMB 107.1 fm and the brief creation of OHM 94.3 fm, the two founders of Kosmik Reys left the United States and went back to their country of Ecuador where in 1999 they founded Phonoforum as a record label. With the same framework as the radio shows in mind, Phonoforum presents the follow-up to Kosmik Fallout: Volume 1, which was only distributed throughout Ecuador and Puerto Rico. Kosmik Fallout: Volume 2 contains updated reworkings of some of Kosmik Reys favorite classic house and hip hop tracks by themselves and by some of their talented associates in Miami and Europe."