Septs Vents


"Metamatics' Lee Norris has created, under the Nacht Plank moniker, a warm and crunchy album full of otherworldly ambience and nostalgia. As Septs Vents unravels itself, it draws us into its timeless universe evoking the qualities of objects unearthed years after they've been buried. It was time we brought this small symphony of vintage instruments to the public. Septs Vents is not an album that can be described in earthly measures, nor does it follow any specific song-writing rules. Instead, the eleven tracks seem to have a life of their own, constantly evolving and changing according to an internal set of parameters. Its strange sounds and textures make it impossible to associate with our known world, and its inaccessible titles only add to the mystery surrounding the music. Its looping melodies and sample patterns resemble coded messages from a long-forgotten spaceship, trapped in a far away galaxy. Forever locked in its orbit, it transmits broken signals from worn out tapes that only a sensitive ear like Nacht Plank's could receive. Blended with carefully filtered piano and guitar recordings and surrounded by an ensemble of vintage synthesizers, they are the basic ingredients of each track. All these samples and sounds are then repeated and layered after they are given their place in the song. Nacht Plank's music does not only exist within those samples, but in the space between them and in the way they interact with each other. Similar to Eisenstein's montage theory about film content, he has found his own formula that lies behind each of these tracks, holding it together. Lampse is a record label set to release contemporary and experimental music, combined with exciting and challenging visual material. Spanning avant-garde to electronic, improvisational jazz to dark ambient, all releases are based on strong artistic concepts and have a unique personality. With artists of a broad and varied geographical origin, Lampse attempts to document the most interesting developments in modern music from around the world."