1-2 Weeks
Illusion Of The Tale


Matt Preston, aka Phaeleh, reprises the sounds of his 2014 album Somnus with Illusion Of The Tale, a long player of ambient deviation. Intended as a soundtrack to explore the perception of self-importance, Illusion Of The Tale operates with a reduced sonic palette of effected live synthesizer workouts and experimental recording techniques infused with worldwide field recordings. The majority of Illusion Of The Tale is based heavily on live synth recordings, recorded live with inherent human mistakes and imperfections kept in to avoid the heavily repetitive process of working "in the box". A selection of tracks are recordings using Phaeleh's live show setup, which resamples and manipulates existing material. Some are constructed using more traditional composition - "In The Emerald" is a live piano recording and live doubling of that part with classical guitar - whereas others are strongly experimental - "Origins" is made from his thumb holding the end of a cable running through a pedal board, then looped and pitched down. Layers of field recordings were added to the tracks to create a sense of noise or the real world. Recorded over a few years, collecting these sounds took Phaeleh from Bristol cemeteries, libraries in Wiltshire and Welsh rock pools to getting lost in the Costa Rican rainforest, riding the Hong Kong MTR underground, walking through cicadas in Colorado and watching Melbourne skateboarders. Ideas for the album's cartographic artwork, evocative of the minimalism movement, started flowing after the music was mostly finished; informed from the idea of recordings from around the world and the travels that accompanied them. Since his debut release in 2008, Phaeleh has developed an inimitable style of electronic music, cementing his position as one of the most consistently exciting producers to emerge from his hometown of Bristol. Illusion Of The Tale satisfies the demand for new music from his incredibly dedicated fan base and cleans the palate for a new full artist album currently in development. Phaeleh on the album: "The album title is my polite way of saying we live in a world of bullshit and bullshitters... I feel that the music provides a chance to pause and escape the illusion of the everyday lie we present not only to the world but also ourselves... I want the album to be an escape from everyday lives. I want it to be a soundtrack for people to let go."