GH 006CD GH 006CD

Double mix CD for maximum pleasure, compiled, selected and mixed by Shir Khan. This is ghetto pop muzik! From neu-rave to fidgit house to pop to glitch to Eurocrunk and baile funk to acid-disko to hiptronica to no wave. Recently included in the Urb Next 100 List of 2007, Shir Khan is making waves far outside Germany with his unconventional, uncompromising blend of dance music styles. Now, after several shows, online mixes, edits and bootlegs, Maximize! is his first official double mix CD. It includes hot newcomers such as Roxy Cottontail (known for throwing parties with Spankrock and Hollertronix), Sirius Mo (known for having Zombie Nation and 2Many DJs as his fans), Duke Dumont (known in London for mixing Eurocrunk with grime, neu-rave and gabba), Crookers (known for being the new fidgit-house kings of Milan), Niyi (known for being everything that neu-rave is about), Shadowdancer (known for being the second Mr. Oizo) and Free Blood, as well as established artists such as Simian Mobile Disco, Justice and Adam Sky vs. Mark Stewart of the legendary The Pop Group. Maximize! is about throwing different dance genres into one big melting pot in order to create a bizarre and wonderful world of mish-mash where musical boundaries disappear. The joy that's missing from so much of today's pop is back. Other artists include: Gambit, TEPR, Munk, Zongamin, Midnight Mike, Studio R, Mocky, Riot In Belgium, Shit Robot, Kompute, Diskokaine, Filewile, RQM, Nicky Vanshe & Dangerous Dan, Sergej Auto, Edu K, Frau, The Go! Team, O.Lamm, Yuksek, Alavi, Justine Electra, Surkin, Holy Hail, Jahcoozi, Phon.O, Superthriller, Gameboy/Gamegirl, Frank West, Audioporno, DJ Sandrinho, Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal, Tetine, The Killer Groove Formula, Malente, Hijack, Herve, Stereotyp, Sharon Phillips, Robosonic, Jesse Rose, Namosh, Busy P, Shapemod (feat. Captain Comotose), Martin Peter, Digitalism, Fluffy Target vs. Avenue D, Lucky 13 and the Downtown Scene and Jammin' Unit.