LP version. Something unusual and unpredictable always seems to happen right under our very noses. And on such a rare occasion you could brag about colliding with a group as magnificent as The Limboos. They are unusual because you usually cannot hear a current R&B band with so much musical talent and, in turn, sound different from all the rest. And unpredictable because their knowledge and devotion to the greats of the genre is reflected in all of their songs, all originals written by them. Inside them is a special secret gift that combines rhythm and elegance to the nth degree. The Limboos emerged out of nowhere four years ago. Within a few weeks, they recorded a single, took the road and have not stopped gyrating and motorvating. The band has been tightening up their "Exotic Rhythm & Blues" with a series of unforgettable shows. Their first album Space Mambo (PENN 005CD/LP, 2014) caught everyone by surprise, and their songs and live shows engulfed all audiences, adding fans beyond the rock and roll circuit. In this second album, Limbootica!, the band continues its journey to the heart of the rhythm, a journey to the center of the best roots music, investigating and growing at every turn of the road. To this masterful rhythm and blues formula with Latin influences, here they add a few shots of gospel and swing ("No Troubles", "I Don't Buy It" or the hypnotic "Been Whole A Lot Time"), a clever mix of tropical and soul ("Lies"), and their underived tribute to the Brazilian bossa, the exquisite "Blue Dream". They channel Cuba in "Crazy Rumba" and have you stumbling down the crawfish stinking streets of New Orleans, exhaling rum while hugging a streetlight on "Calypso Drunk ". The magnificent songs and the incontestable musical style of these twenty-somethings, with scathing production of Mike Mariconda for the final knock-out punch. A more realized document and executed with even more conviction than in the previous disc, incorporating new instruments and extending the horizon of each subject with arrangements you just don't see nowadays. Get it before it gets you. The Limboos are: Roi Fontoira - vocals, guitar; Sergio Alarcón - organ, guitar, percussion, backing vocals; Daniela Kennedy - drums, backing vocals; Santiago Sacristán - double bass, electric bass, backing vocals; Dani Niño - baritone sax.