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Subculture is the debut album from Belgium electronic upstarts The Subs. With a name like The Subs, you could be forgiven for thinking this three-piece is a classic punk band. Well, they are rambunctious and do tear up the rule book. These beat mavericks turned the dancefloor gold in 2008 with Kiss My Trance, a punk-trance-juggernaut of a hit single which landed in the top 20 national singles chart in Belgium and their profile has just grown and grown. The Subs are Jeroen De Pessemier aka Papillon (singer/producer), Wiebe Loccufier aka Tonic and Stefan Bracke aka L'entrepreneur. Over the last year, The Subs have enthralled audiences with a live show comprising of a unique set up; 3 men with a laboratory of decks, synths, effects and a microphone. They do not hide behind laptops, and with their raving frontman, The Subs take the sweaty punk-trash essence to the dance stage. The Subs are not your average "let's mess around with some analog machines" band. They fought with the machines until a consistent album, a true body of work, came about. Papillon being the songwriter-half (brought up on landmark '90s dance-albums from the likes of Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers and Underworld) and Tonic being the DJ/songwriter with a passion for brand new underground releases and innovative sounds, The Subs have made an album with songs lurking underneath the sounds. Subculture is a dance album that you can listen to anywhere: in your car, in your living room, in your bedroom. The mood is intense and brooding. Featuring the singles "Fuck That Shit," "Papillon" and the massive "Kiss My Trance," it's a downright dirty stunner with gripping, euphoric peaks and melancholy-riddled melodic moments. That's how we like our punk.