With Love

MN 1014LP MN 1014LP

LP version. With Love is the debut album from Trio Mandili, a trio of young ladies from Georgia in the Caucasus area. Being into singing, folk songs, and filming, one day the three girls made a recording of the love song "Apareka" and the video gained them three million views on Youtube. This is pure folk, three ladies singing to the sound of classic Eurasian stringed instruments, such as the panduri and tschonguri, long necked lutes. The all acoustic instrumentation can be considered the soil from which the voices of the three lead singers rise, the instrumental lines going deeper than that of course. It might sound like a miracle that this music gained so much attention in a time of flat-ass, streamline plastic pop, but if you take a closer listen to With Love, it's not hard to realize that it does justice to its title. The melodies sung by the girls grab the heart immediately and then the soul. This is a passionate brand of eastern, Caucasian folk and has an enchanting approach within the melodies. The girls sing with a very determined expression in their performance. Trio Mandili seems to be much more than just a group of young ladies playing music. There is a kind of mystical atmosphere rising from this compilation of simple love songs coming straight from the heart. The spiritual vibe should not be underestimated. The compositions themselves may be rather simple, as it is the fact with most classic folk tunes from any region or century are, but the emotional depth is amazing and the performance is utterly tight. The vocal performances are uniquely impressive.