Jeg Vil Hjem Til Menneskene


Susanna Wallumrød is one of Norway's finest and most distinctive vocalists. Jeg Vil Hjem Til Menneskene (trans. "I Want To Go Home To The People") is her first Norwegian-language album. All the lyrics were taken from the writings of poet Gunvor Hofmo, whose profound ability to express human longing, loss and a sense of wonder in the presence of both evil and beauty in life struck a chord with Susanna Wallumrød. Wallumrød became interested in Gunvor Hofmo in 1999, when she received the Christmas book Jeg Glemmer Ingen (trans. "I Forget Nobody"), published by Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, presenting 15 unknown poems by Hofmo. Wallumrød's interest in Hofmo intensified a few years later after reading Jan Erik Vold's Mørkets Sangerske (trans. "Singer Of Darkness"), about Hofmo. She was inspired to set Hofmo's poems to music one evening in 2009 during a conversation with Håvard Rem about the poet. Gunvor Hofmo (1921-1995) published her first collection of poems, Jeg Vil Hjem Til Menneskene ("I Want To Go Home To The People"), in 1946. Altogether, she had 700 poems and 20 poetry collections published. She is regarded as one of Norway' most significant modern poets and as one of the powerful voices of the post-war generation. Susanna Wallumrød has established herself as one of Norway's top musicians with her duo Susanna And The Magical Orchestra (with Morten Qvenild) and as a solo artist. She has released three albums with Susanna And The Magical Orchestra and two solo albums, and has attracted attention both at home and abroad. Wallumrød has received glowing reviews and has given concerts all over the world. Her music has been heard on the successful series Grey's Anatomy, and she has collaborated and toured with the American artist Bonnie "Prince" Billy. Jeg Vil Hjem Til Menneskene is an encounter between two of the most prominent of the melancholic Northeners. The album was recorded in Stockholm in ABBA's old studio, Atlantis, and was produced by Helge "Deathprod" Sten. Susanna Wallumrød put together a dream-team of musicians for the recording: Ståle Storløkken (Elephant9, Supersilent, Terje Rypdal), Hans Magnus Ryan (Motorpsycho), Jo Berger Myhre (Solveig Slettahjell, Splashgirl) and Erland Dahlen (Nils Petter Molvær, Madrugada, Xploding Plastics).