Tread 3

3E 006CD 3E 006CD

"Tread are Hiroshi Watanabe and Take Kitahara. Hiroshi Watanabe is better known as Kaito, whose Everlasting album for Kompakt is one of their best-sellers. Hiroshi has also worked as Quadra and Nite System, and will release his eponymous debut album on Third Ear in the Summer of 2003. Tread is recognizable, yet is also very different from Kaito. Tread work within a strictly defined territory. Their's is a true minimalism. Zen music. Tread music has a purity and simplicity that is simply breathtaking. You can tell that every sound has been very carefully selected to evoke a precise mood, to manifest a very particular sensibility. Yet this is beat music. The beat never goes above 115 bpm, and mostly stays around 85-100 bpm. This tempo is dangerous territory for music that is essentially 4-4 House groove driven. Yet, Hiroshi Watanabe, with eight years of experience of living in New York and working with the likes of Evelyn 'Champagne' King, has total control of his House grooves. This is house music like you never imagined: Thumping kick drums never sounded so delicate. This is micro House with a completely different meaning. Take Kitahara is a clothes designer and graphic designer. He and Hiroshi Watanabe begin a track by discussing the mood or emotion, or setting they wish to evoke. Hiroshi Watanabe then lays down the first elements, which are then critiqued by Take Kitamura. Slowly, they build the edifice which becomes the emotion, the mood, the setting. The track. The Tread project is four albums that represent the four seasons. Tread 1 is winter, Tread 2 -- Spring, Tread 3 -- Summer, Tread 4 -- Autumn."