Rio Baile Funk: More Favela Booty Beats

AY 009CD AY 009CD

After the wildly successful international bombast of Rio Baile Funk: Favela Booty Beats, here comes another round of mutant hip-hop, raw grooves and mad breaks that will transport you to another imaginary party with big speakers in some hot and hidden Rio slum. It's been a while since the DJs from the black music balls in Rio started cutting and pasting Miami bass beats, African drumming, samba, Bahia carnival tunes and incredible sampling from Front 242 to Dire Straits. Blended with lyrics about crime, love, guns, faith and everything else, this is music that didn't need TV or radio to become popular. More Favela Booty Beats illustrates the changes that have occurred in Rio favelas ever since the first edition grabbed global dancefloor attention. One of the first tracks on this CD, "Rap de Caxias," by MC MDY, gives a good introduction: over some beats that sound like a cross between musical heritage of Miami, Rio and Salvador, he names the stars of the funk carioca and the favelas they belong to with celebratory abandon, from Rocinha to Vidigal to Jacarezinho. Then, Mr. Catra, the James Brown of the booty beats, represents with two of his strongest tracks: the overtly sexual "Vem Nha Nha" and the claim for loyalty "Cabelo Voa." If he had a women's counterpart, it would be Deize Tigrona, who comes in collaboration with Edu K, with a new version of "Sex-O-Matic," remixed by DJs Mavi and Sany, two of Rio's best kept funk secrets. Mr. K delivers AGAIN on this mix with "Hot Mama," another track from his album Frenétiko, which gets an insane remix by Bonde Do Rolê, whose reckless crossover of booty beats and rock will draw everyone's attention. There's MC Sabrina, the young diva who provides beautifully-sung vocals on her track, and MC Cula with country and western and Brazilian folk music samples, praising the joys of having sex in the horse-riding position. It's the Kama Sutra with beats! And there's still more music to keep you busy: "Vascão 2000," by Dennis DJ is a curious reworking of a football team hymn with mutant Miami bass beats, and the rhythm-fuelled "Jiu Jitsu," "Catita" and "Dança do Dedinho" with gunshots making the breaks will bring to life the REAL Rio. All these tracks paint a vivid and colorful picture of what is like to be inside this big, exciting, and often paradoxical party called Funk Carioca. And now get that booty started!