Rockin' With The Krauts: Real Rock 'n' Roll Made In Germany Vol. 1

BCD 17641CD BCD 17641CD

"Since the 1990s, Bear Family has released quite a few German-language rock 'n' roll compilations: what you get to hear here has nothing to do with them! -The hard stuff, the real stuff -- no rockers trivialized to innocent hits, but pure rock 'n' roll, twist rockers, beat rockers and hard instrumentals. 33 real rock 'n' roll masters of the years 1957-65 from Germany -- no 'Sugar Baby' attitudes, they also rocked English! This music was hardly played on the radio or at the dance school -- if at all, it was played at Dampmann's caterpillar track or bumper cars at the funfair. In addition to popular artists like Ted Herold, Paul Würges and Billy Sanders, we provide lesser-known individual performers and bands that have never appeared on rock 'n' roll compilations, including the Starfighters, the Six Tornados, the Rocking Stars, the Fred Hollerbach All-Stars and Frankie & The Rockets -- hard to find and expensive in the original! Did you know that performers you'd never expect, like Michael Holm and Bernd Spier, have recorded badass rockers? We prove it. Four titles for the first time on CD The Krauts Are Rockin' -- how could it ever come to this? German rock 'n' roll from the '50s and early '60s evokes ambivalent emotions, separated mothers from daughters, brothers from sisters and fathers from sons -- the spirit of rock 'n' roll was as important as our daily bread for the youth in post-war Germany. hail, hail rock 'n' roll -- deliver me from the days of old the prophet had once proclaimed. The music industry quickly locked the wild teens in the pop cage, the really rough escapees came to the mood cannons of the funfair front. Until today, the '50s are presented to us as a pastel-colored fairy tale land, in which there is no place for rockers, teenagers and the rebellion of a generation against mendacity, oblivion and smugness. Bear Family Records presents a compilation away from the big hits, wanderlust and grotesque trivialization of youth."