2009 repress, originally released 2004. "Self is the new full length film of the BPitch film buff Paul Kalkbrenner. After numerous short films, lastly the 'Self-pilotfilm' entitled 'Press on' (BPC 81), he presents with this work his third movie theatre production. We received script extracts through some dubious connections. Curtain opens. (Picture black/white. music on: 'Page one'.) Our protagonist (P.) steps out of his run down building onto the street. He sets off in a certain direction without hesitation. After a while, he stops one more time to think and looks up to his window on the upper floor: it's closed. No turning back, P.'s search can, no it must begin. (Camera turns from the window to the street. There is an accordion player, ending scene, over.) (Music on: 'The Grouch') P. walks through the city focused yet shaken. The objects stand there in a special light. We perceive them with an almost anxiety-stricken form of clarity. P. acknowledges them. One can sense his thirst for impressions. He stays however in a cocoon. He builds his own world around things without affecting them in their integrity. (outro with: 'The Palisades'.) (Music: 'Press on'. hard cut: total shot and close ups of P.) Next to the river lie huge planes filled with monumental structures. No people, just warm, rain-drenched dew. He steps again unrestrained through intimate small alleys. (Transitional music: 'Castanets.' People hush, faster cuts.) Here rampant life rules. Everyday P. appears however in a parallel universe. A cat and mouse game follows with his own shadow. It's a kind of constant flux of various possible P. personalities. ('Queer Fellow'.) (Music: 'Marbles,' then 'Since 77') Finally some quiet sets into P.'s restless search. He stops at a park to think. His gaze stops with the sight of children playing -- an almost lovely moment. An accordion player sits on his own bench yet again. Now his music reveals its total Janus mentality: difficult to say, whether it gleams a happy sensibility or one of mourning. Everyone must find their own Self: the end is uncertain. (Music fades out. The fog rises.) It's getting a bit cooler; P. closes his jacket and disappears in the dusk."